Forgotten Mailbox Password

Forgotten Mailbox Password

A tool to retreive your desktop mail client passwords
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If you are using a pop3 account, you should really keep this tool handy with you. People usually have tendency to save their email client password. So as soon as they open the client, their mails are downloaded without any extra efforts. On the event of certain hard disk level changes or profile changes if you forget the password, it is easy to recover it by using this convenient application. This tool needs host settings to be adjusted to be able to remember the password. Forgotten Mailbox Password does not work with Hotmail, Yahoo or such clients which save the password at their server. This program is highly useful for those who use various pop3 accounts and mail clients like Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Outlook etc. It also comes handy when moving your data from one PC to the another. This tool can also be set to send your password to an email address. Retrial of password can also happen when you run this tool in the same machine on which your email client is installed. This tool is quick and easy to learn. The help file is very systematic and support over email is available.

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  • Easy to learn and use
  • A very good help file
  • Configurable
  • Can send password to an email address


  • Not for Hotmail or Yahoo clients
  • Not a free tool
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